I purchased my DVR-1000 at a major online store for FPV specific items and is sold at other online stores under slightly different names. I bought mine at at this particular store because it had some firmware mod's specific to FPV that were supposed to make these better than the stock unit.

My setup is using a 5.8ghz Immersion 600mw vTx and Fatshark Attitude video goggles with cloverleaf antennas.

The main reason for having a DVR in my use was for lost model recovery.
I wanted to have video of the last thing me and my poor 'copter saw before it went down. I already record all my flights with an HD video cam so this was for when I was in unfamiliar territory and if i had an issue.

For it's size and price I was pleased. It came packaged very well with multiple cables, remote, belt case and A/C charger.

Unfortunately my A/C charger did not function (parts rattling inside?!) - no biggy I used another I had.... but then the original battery that was in the DVR was defective. Luckily I had ordered a spare battery, and with that I finally got the unit charged and going.

One thing I did instead of using RCA plug adapters between the DVR cable and my Fatsharks was to cut and splice the DVR cable to the FatShark input cable. I wanted something clean going from my FatSharks to the DVR on my pocket or belt.

Now that I'm going everything is great.... Flying FPV with my Imersion downlink and Fatshark Goggles while the DVR is recording my flight, if something happens no problem, I have back up video.

After my flight I landed, Shut down the 'copter, shut off the GoPro and finally shut off the DVR... only the DVR would not shut off. it was fully locked up. I had apparently shut things down in the wrong order! Further testing confirmed that if the DVR gets static (no signal) for more than a breif moment it will lock up about 70% of the time.

The dreaded lost signal static
(oh!.... but no blue screen!)

To add insult to injury the file was corrupt. Also the only way I could get the DVR shut down was to pull the battery - and the battery is spring loaded and the battery cover a bit fiddly, in short... a royal pain.

 - compact
 - great video quality
 - reasonable cost
 - Uses SD card (I hate micro sd!)
 - included accessories and cables

 - Locks up if more than momentary lost signal
 - Battery must be removed to reset from lock up
 - Battery spring loaded and hatch... a pain
 - Corrupts file if lockup occurs
 - DVR's micro A/V plug is non-standard wiring, you cannot simply use a
   3.5mm to 2.5mm adapter

HERE is some sample video on two different QuadCopter set-ups recording using this DVR. Quite nice as you will see.

This DVR is wonderfully compact, reasonable quality and has some great functions and delivers good quality video from your downlink.  Unfortunately with the major drawbacks listed above I cannot recommend this DVR for FPV if your main objective is model recovery or backup if your video downlink  quits because it will most likely lock up and corrupt the video file.

If you can be sure you will never lose signal and that you can shut off the DVR first every time then you can probably live with these limitations and hence a pretty good little machine.

If these quirks can be resolved this would be a great little DVR... but until then it does not fit my FPV needs. You will need to decide for yourself if this will work for you or not.