RMRC GO-Protector(TM)
for HERO3

by 3D Shellz


Not every FPV item is expensive.... or need to be sophisticated. Many ideas come to fruition on the forums of the internet and this is a nice example of that. I discoverd this item origianally on RC Groups offered up as a first production run and new idea from 3D Shellz.

This plastic 3D printed cover was originally designed for the GoPro 3 on the Tarot brushless gimbal but I found it works great on my DJI Zenmuse gimbal. It not only acts as a protector but holds the camera in the gimbal as well instead of using the stock mounting bolts and plate.
THIS IS A DOUBLE BONUS. I mean really, if you have taken your camera on/off either of these gimbals with the stock screws and mounting plates it is a royal pain and takes time. Held on by a hefty o-ring the cover goes on/off quickly and easily.

Additionally you can use either the clear or polarized plastic cover. I prefer the polarized cover as I feel the GoPro 3 color saturation is poor and it can use all the help it can get.

I've been using this cover on my Zenmuse equiped DJI F550 Hex for some time now. I have 2 other quads I use my GoPr on so I move the camera frequently - the o-ring securing system saves me a lot of time.
UPDATE: 3D Shellz has updated their design slightly so I'm basing this review on the very first run and I would assume ;-) that the new design is even better!! :-) Here is the new GoPro protector for sale at

- Fits perfectly
- inexpensive
- protects camera lens very well
- Doubles as camera securing system
- Camera EZ on EZ off

- Proprietery lens cover (no threaded mount) and sold separately
- would be nice if it included 2 o-rings

Comments: As I've mentioned above this is a great little device that makes MY life easier and my GoPro safer. My only wish is that it had a threads on the end instead of the plastic screwed on cover so I can mount my own selection of high quality filters. 4.5 out of 5 Highly recommended!