OMWAY 5.8GHz 200mW vTx


Small and compact - does the job

posted on 1/16/2014

This video transmitter (vTx) was sent in for review and now that I've flown with it a bit I can say for it's small 200 milliwatt output it does a "good" job. While I was testing it I had to keep in mind I have never flown with anything less than a 600 mW on the 5.8GHz frequencies.

The manufacturer FvpStyle specializes in FPV and the vTx can be seen and purchased HERE.

 I was using FatShark Attitude goggles and had aftermarket (FatShark) circular polarized antennas on both vTx and the goggles.

There were some initial issues finding a "clean" channel in my area, but once I did I was able to go out approx 1000 feet before I started seeing color distortion and break-up as I rotated and yawed my 'copter around at that distance. I played it conservatively and did not push it to the absolute limit.

Now that i have a bit more information, namely pricing at $46.00 US I would say that although the unit works just fine for the wattage, I personally would spend the extra $15-$25 and get a 500mW or 600mW on a vTx, but if you are on a budget and are staying within 1000' or so this unit will do the job.