Mini Flip 360


Mini Flip 360

Build notes and review


I purchased my Mini Flip as a kit from Dan at whom I became acquainted with through RC Groups is a great R/C website with great info on all aspects radio controlled rigs and Dan is a great contributor to this group.

The Mini Flip 360 is a small clone of the Hoverthings FLIP FPV rig but in a smaller package... and with foldable arms (nice!). Unique to this Quad airframe is the "body" is isolated from the "dirty" power/motor layer of this machine with rubber isolators - cool :-)

When I have the time I prefer to build my own as it will get you very familiar with the workings of the whole machine. I got pretty much the full kit, Frame, motors, ESC, props etc. Everything except the NAZA controller and receiver which I already had.

Everything comes packaged nicely in sealed plastic bag compartments so no loose parts to get lost :-) Dan ships QUICK... I ordered this on a Saturday, received it on a Monday and had it built Monday evening!


The Frame Build is very straight forward and was build with ease and good directions... but as typical in any build most of the time is spent figuring out the electronic component layout. Although I probably could have squeezed the ESC's in between the "dirty and clean" plates I chose instead not to modify either the motor or ESC wire length and located the ESC's on the very bottom of the frame.


I chose to make up a "power distribution squid" since the ESC's came with JST plugs with pigtails for EZ soldering. I added two more JST plugs, so 6 total JST plugs with the business end terminating with a Deans T-plug for connection to the battery. 4 JST plugs for the ESC's, one plug for my video downlink and one to power my NAZA unit.

After a bit of fiddling (I'm a great musician) with the components I got the rig together pretty well - ESC's on the bottom, NAZA directly on the CG, radio receiver zip tied to the top of the frame and my video downlink transmitter (vtx) forward of the NAZA unit with the vTx antenna poking out the top deck.


I managed the layout such that both the NAZA unit and GPS were right on the CG. I'm using my old GoPro HD because it was sitting around and also it has a nice anti-fisheye lens on it - should be great for FPV. This will also let me use a 2200Mah 3S battery to get very close on the recommended CG.


This will make an exceptional travel FPV quad. Folded, the well, only slightly larger than MY footprint :-) I plan to add a folding GPS tower to finish off the compactness of this machine. The folding on the frame is accomplished with 4 thumb screws. A bit fiddly and you need to be careful not to lose the nut on the back side (be nice if the thumbscrews were about 2mm longer!), but adequate and does the job.

My particular setup is with: MT-2212 Tiger motors, 8x4.5 props, 12Amp ESC's, NAZA V1 w/GPS, GoPro HD, OMWAY 200mw video downlink, and 2200MAh 3 cell battery.

I've had several short "NAZA tuning" flights and 3-4 full on FPV flights now.... I'm getting this bugger dialed in pretty good (no wind) and it's a hoot to fly around. I'm getting 8m30sec flight time on my setup flying somewhat conservitively... not ripping it up just yet.

I'm not quite the pilot to go full manual just yet, but that is what I bought this for... to learn how to really rip it up and be flying in full manual mode before long. Until then I'm fighting the NAZA a bit trying to find that sweet spot and stability and still be able to manuver quickly.

Currently my NAZA basic gains are: 95/90/100/90 and atti are 85/85. Weather conditions are ideal with no wind and a bit overcast and cool. After over 8min flight time the battery, ESC's and motors are all running only slightly warm :-)

On thing that has amazed me from the get-go is the quality of the video - meaning very close to jello free even on my old GoPro HD which was notorious for jello on quads.... even without balancing the props (yet) my video was very good. I think this will very quickly become my go-to "sport quad" for quick and easy FPV video, especially for travel. Video sample HERE.

What I will be looking for will be how well it survives crashes and quickly I can get it back in the air.

 - Ease of the build
 - compactness of this machine
 - fun to fly :-)
 - can be built fairly inexpensively
 - Good quality parts

 - Being small means a bit more difficult fitting your electronics
 - Folding is nice, but also means potentially lost parts
 - Wish space between clean and dirty plates was 3mm bigger to accomodade
   ESC's easier.

If you are looking for a compact, mobile, zippy craft this one is definitely worth considering. Although I've only had this a short while I can tell it's going to replace one of my other quads very quickly. This thing is FUN. More updates as I get more flight time :-)